Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cute kids!
What fun we had at the art table today! 
I loved paper dolls as a kid and now as 
an adult I love paper doll crafts!
 had these cute die-cut kid shapes on sale so of course I
 had to buy them. Using scrapbook paper I cut out lots of pants
shirts and dresses for the kiddos to use to dress their
friends. They were so excited to pick out kid shapes to 
represent themselves, their friends and their siblings. 
The fun continued as they chose clothes
 buttons and wiggly eyes for their kids.
We did lots of role play with our kid creations
sharing ideas on ways to treat each other with
kindness and love.Great learning, great fun!
Supplies needed
kids shapes
pre cut clothes
glue sticks
 wiggly eyes

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One of my favorite art activities to do with my kiddos
is done with coffee filters or paper towels and
washable markers. I love the tie-dye 
look when the project is finished! Today
we created tie-dye jelly fish. Using a coffee
 filter folded  in half  the kids colored all
over it with washable markers. I laid them on
a piece of newspaper for easy cleanup. Next
is the kids favorite part, they spray water all
over their coloring and watch the colors bleed
together. What gorgeous jelly fish! But they still need a face
 and tentacles. My gift wrap box had lots of ribbons and bows
so I cut up a bunch of ribbons for the legs,used big
googly eyes and let my little ones draw a mouth.
Be sure and let the coffee filters dry before adding the
tentacles,eyes and mouth. Our art table was swimming
in colorful jellyfish!
Supplies needed
coffee filters
washable markers
spray bottles
ribbon pieces
googly eyes
white glue

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What an adorable collection of insects my 
kiddos made today. I just love art from the heart
where each child's creativity flows freely. No two
insects look alike. One of my kiddos favorite part
of collaging and building with assorted materials
is getting to use their own glue bottle. Such a 
simple thing that brings so many smiles! The 
only rule they have is no big puddles of glue please! 
They had shapes, colored sticks, pom poms, buttons, beans,
colored pasta and wiggly eyes to chose from. Kaylee 
 Lily and Melanie were adamant that their insect have 
6 legs like real insects. The boys didn't care, they
wanted to have the fastest insects so they added 
lots of legs! Its so fun to just sit and observe kids 
at the art table. Their conversations are so sweet . 
They finished up by giving their insects a name. 
Such fun for the kiddos and the teacher!
Supplies needed
card stock paper
assorted shapes for the insects body
assorted collage materials
white glue 

Monday, October 5, 2015

My kiddos love making hats. Today's hat came
out so cute, it is one of my favorites! Each of the kiddos thought it was so
 funny to be covered up with the newsprint while we taped around
their head! So much giggling! After their head was
measured and taped, we took the shell of the hat off their wiggly
 heads and  rolled up around the edges of
the newsprint to make a brim for the hat. Masking tape held
the uncooperative pieces of the brim in place. Then it
was time for painting! Colorful hats filled the art table!
Lily decided the hats needed some pom poms on top.What a great idea!
A little tacky glue and a hand full of pom poms added
extra cuteness to our already cute hats!
Then it was time for a hat parade!!! The kiddos were so excited
to show off their adorable hats to
the neighborhood!
Supplies needed
large easel size  newsprint (or newspaper will work)
masking tape
paint brushes and paint pot
pom poms
tacky glue
FYI- each hat needs 3 pieces of newsprint or newspaper to
make it sturdy enough to paint.

Monday, September 28, 2015

 Glitter fun
My kiddos love glitter! It's sparkly, it's shiny and its so messy! 
It takes months to get glitter out of the carpet! So what do
 we do to make sparkly art from the heart? Glitter glue! Today glitter 
glue, golf  balls and a shallow box created gorgeous
 works of art. Golf ball painting is fun, it's mess free and it is such 
a joy for kids to do no matter how old they are. They get so excited as 
they roll the golf balls through the paint watching the colors mix as 
the golf balls make crazy designs all over their paper. 
 For a final touch I added our Bible focus
 to their masterpieces.
Supplies needed
shallow boxes
golf balls
glitter glue
white paper (I like card stock)
Just a FYI-- I like to put the glitter glue on the golf
 balls before the kids start painting.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sparkly foil fish
Today we had such fun with foil, paint and glitter.
This week its all about the letter Ff. So whats more fun than painting
 on foil? Painting foil fish of course! The paint glides so
smoothly over the foil and its shiny. My kiddos love
creating shiny art. For a bit more sparkle
to our beautiful fish we added glitter while the paint
was still wet. I used small heavy duty paper plates for
each fish. Simply cut a small triangle out of the plate
and you have a mouth and a tail! Cover the plate and tail
with foil, tape the tail to the back of the fish and you
are ready for some beautiful art from the heart! Be
sure and have shallow boxes out to lay the fish in
for their sprinkle of glitter, that way the mess is all in the box!
Last the kids added a big googly eye. What a
a lovely school of rainbow fish we had!
Supplies needed
paint pots and brushes
heavy duty plates (I used dessert size)
heavy duty foil
 large googly eyes
tape for the tail
glue for the eye

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

God takes care of Elijah
One of the blessings in teaching young children
Bible stories is the way God uses the 
teaching to touch  my life and to remind
me of his promises and his constant presence.
Today the children learned that God was not only with
 Elijah, but also that Elijah trusted God and did what God 
told him to do. Before the kids came to the art table 
I went online printed and cut out a picture of Elijah.
Saran wrap became the river, the sandpaper became dry land.
Our ravens were black feathers. All the supplies were placed on the 
table so the kids could decide how they wanted  their  
picture to look. Art should have few rules, one of them being no two 
pictures have to look alike! The kiddos had fun with all the
 different textures of supplies they used to create their 
picture. Our collection of stories turned out to be 
a wonderful masterpiece!
Supplies needed
Blue construction paper
sand paper
saran wrap
a picture of Elijah
black feathers
orange paper for the birds beak
goggle eyes
small pieces of bread to put in the ravens beak.
white school glue